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Your Bird Release Guarantee!

We actually offer the option and prefer you or someone in the party join us to release your birds and learn the area a bit.
Why go in Blind? Time off to get afield is getting tough to come by now a days!
Birds are expensive, give yourself the best chance of taking home dinner!
Not to worry those birds won't be right where we release them!

Our Birds Are Reared & Raised By What We Feel Is The Best Pheasantry In The Northeast.

Blue Ribbon Game Birds
They are Strong, Healthy and Tough.
These pheasants are ready to bust out of cover like the old days!!


When the hunt is over don't just jump in the truck and head home.
Spend a bit of time in our ol'tme hunting camp and talk the talk.

Our Staff Can Process And Package Them For Just $2.50 Ea.

Refreshments are Available in our Clubhouse on a Donation Basis

You just might get lucky at the camp and find a piece of Kay's deep dish apple pie in front of you while you wait!

We Also Offer Dog Training Assistance At Affordable Prices!

Order Out Lunches, Brunches or Dinners

By request, give us a call and let us make your day extra special!

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Created July 29th 2010