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It Was A Perfect Hunt. Much More Than I Expected. If Anyone Ever Needs A Reference They Can Call Me Direct On My Cell At 315-720-7819 Or At Home 315-343-2148. I Have 2 Of My Hunting Buddies Who Want To Give It A Try. I Will Definitely Be Calling You For Next Fall. My Father And Dylan Really Enjoyed Themselves. It Was A Pleasurable Experience From The Word Go. Except That One Pheasant That Went Up 5 Yards In Front Of Me And I Missed. They Are Still Razzing Me On That One. Thank You To All For A Great Time!!!

Best Wishes This Year, See You In The Fall

Mike Lavner

Dear Karen and Joe,
I want to thank you both for your characteristic and unparalleled hospitality on my most recent visit to your home. You always welcome me with a warmth that feels like a homecoming. Needless to say, the meal was sumptuous and delicious, and exceeded only by the company and conversation around your dining table.

Please remember that the doors of Belton Farm are always open to you and that Brenda and I would love the opportunity to welcome you here. With much appreciation and very best wishes for a Merry Christmas season, Great Hunt, Great cover & Great People

John McGuire

Art Carina has endorsed your work as Owner at Pheasants on the Flats.

Dear Joe,
II've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "I have used Joe's company several times for pheasant hunting and every time has been better than before. If you are looking to enjoy a hunt with a couple of friends or looking to entertain your clients on a hunt. This place is the place to go. A first class bird hunting experience. The guides and dogs Joe uses are amazing and they really know how to set up a unforgettable day in the field. I will be using his company again."

Service Category: Guided bird hunts
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Art Carina

I am writing to express my gratitude for your outstanding service and hospitality during our hunt on October 10th. As you know, my desire was to satisfy two requirements. I was seeking to entertain a client, along with exposing my two sons, Jack 12 and Brian 10, to Pheasant Hunting. I became aware of Pheasants on the Flats via an internet search. Your site was not only informative, but it focused on the socialization of the hunt and highlighted your experience and philosophy of the "quality outdoor experience". You could not have been more spot on. Our hunt will be a memory we will be able to reflect upon for the rest of our lives.

When we first spoke, you did an excellent job of explaining the process, cost, and options for the hunt. Knowing we had some new hunters, you recommended Rick Rauscher guide, noting Rick's experience and natural instinct as an educator, and the benefit of having the boys hunt over a pointer. From the time we first spoke until the time we met at your place you kept in contact, noting weather and start time considerations. Your communication and consultation were top notch and quite well received. We were able to arrive prepared and with proper expectations

Upon arrival my boys poured out of the truck and you were there to meet them with a smile and a handshake. They took you immediately Joe and they were full of questions. You answered each one with thought and consideration. They were quick to appreciate your humor and the homey aesthetics of your "lodge". They were also quick to make friends with your dogs and cats!!!....Our partners Phil and Mike met us soon after, you put out birds and we were off to the fields.

The conditions and beauty of your property are hard to put to words. My hunting companion Phil is an experienced and educated hunter. He quickly noted that the conditions and topography were comparable to the wild hunts he had been on in Kansas. Rick was obviously well versed in getting his dog to work birds. Our pointer quickly put us on birds...and let me tell you, your birds are no over the counter farm stock. These birds held strong and flushed like rockets!! My son Jack was on deck and was quick to the trigger...His first real hunt with his dad....his first success....the first step on the journey that all hunters know.....the road we started on so long ago...The look on Jack's face when the bird fell I will remember forever. Brian did not shoulder the gun that day, but he was just as much in the hunt as the rest of us, breaking the brush with Rick's dog. Rick did a great job teaching the boys about the land and characteristics of the birds. They were fast friends!

The rest of our hunt was spectacular....bright sunshine and a landscape that exceeded expectation. Our walk was great and you met us with water and to take photographs. Joe, I must say, the photos were outstanding. You may have missed your calling!! The shots you took and sent us were top notch professional quality! We all had the opportunity to take a shot or two....All the birds put out were flushed and we went home with full game bags! We finished up back at camp for more dressed out the birds, and shared your extensive knowledge of hunting dogs and training methods. My friend Phil, a seasoned dog trainer and hunter, was quite impressed with your recommendations and tips for his dogs. We packed up,

after booking another session, this time with Phil's dogs leading our way! At home we prepared a dinner of braised pheasant, arugula salad and mashed potatoes. Jack was so proud to have provided game for our table. A perfect finish to a perfect day.

Joe, I have never had an experience so far exceed expectation. I cannot thank you enough for providing us the venue and opportunity for this treasured memory. I could not provide a stronger endorsement of you and your operation. Your experience, hospitality, professionalism and the quality of our experience was of the highest value ......five stars.....A++....110%........I could not say enough good about you folks Joe....Thank you so much.....see you soon!

Peter Pallini

Converged Infrastructure Specialist
Commercial Account Manager - Western New York
Enterprise Servers, Storage,and Networking
Hewlett-Packard Company
+1 585.230.3986/ Mobile … / Email

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"I am simply among the richest men in the world. The smiles and friendships are priceless! I truly want to see the Flats always provide a "quality outdoor experience" for many years to come."

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Well, I don't think it gets any better than this. Healthy, lively birds in multiple fields with varied terrain and cover. Water stations for the dogs and cleaning right on site. Best of all, Joe and his staff made us feel like family already at our first hunt. We especially enjoyed the cozy clubhouse where sometimes our visit was capped with a piece of K's (very) deep dish apple pie fresh out of the oven. And our tale of the teflon cockbird, a miracle flying away after we hit him with all six shots -- told to a doubting Joe over a taste of one of his favorite single malts. More often than not, by the time we got home, Joe had e-mailed us photos from our hunt, with the dogs looking just as satisfied as the shooters. As I said, it doesn't get much better than this.

Kim Kowalke

Dear Pheasants On The Flats;
After years of hunting on other licensed shooting perseveres and state land, I look forward to returning to Pheasants On The Flats for my third straight year. The quality of the hunt with your excellent cover and ability to hunt over 300 acres far surpasses past experiences. Over the last 2 years you have never rushed a hunt, allowing me endless hours without other hunters in the field to run my dog and give my son the experience of a lifetime, for this I thank you. You have afforded me the memories and quality of a true bird hunt that cannot be experienced elsewhere in Western New York. My son is already marking the calendar for our first September hunt. We look forward to another awesome year on the Flats, starting with a fresh cup of coffee and the sound of birds cackling first thing in the morning. Not to mention the chance of a piece of Ms. Kay's fresh apple pie on the return.
Hooked on the Flats,

Lt. John Armitage

Awesome people, awesome place, awesome hunt, definately going back and recommending it to all my fiiends.

Gerald Fratenigo

Had an awesome hunt. killed 9 pheasants between the three of us. looking forward to going back next year.

Colton Kulikowski

Let Pheasants On The Flats be the host to your next unforgettable Outdoor Experience/

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