Dan McCoy recommends POTF Shooting Range.

5 - star                                                    3/20/19

POTF is an amazing resource for anyone who likes to shoot, but especially for those that like shooting long range. There are steel targets (already in place) out to 700 yards - what other facility offers anything like that? Also, Joe and Karen (the owners) are about the nicest folks you'll ever meet. I enjoy myself every single time I go (which is every weekend during the shooting season that I'm not at a competition).

Collin Zahn recommends POTF Shooting Range

. 5- star                                                  3/17/2019

POTF is the place to go if you want to step into the long range platform. Joe hosts a nice private range where you don’t have to worry about other shooters next to you and waiting to go down range to grab your targets. There isn’t much opportunity in western NY where you can get out to 700 yards unless you own private land and POTF can accommodate to any long range needs. Private instruction is top caliber (pun intended) and the range fees are more than fair. I’ve taken many classes at POTF and I wouldn’t be where I am today shooting wise if I hadn’t discovered POTF. Joe and his instructors have opened so many doors for me that I recommend anyone who is serious about getting into long range to check out POTF


Jeff Quartley recommends POTF Shooting Range5- star

December 27, 2018 ·

What’s not to like? Great host as well!

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POTF Shooting Range



Joe Valone Thanks Jeff! We like offering the Serious Shooter something that cant get Anywhere Else! Multiple Positions to Shoot from along with Privacy to accomplish Goals! Not only a place to polish skills but learn as well!


John Curtiss recommends POTF Shooting Range5- star

February 28 at 3:21 PM ·

The owners Joe. & Karen are great people


Tyler Ljungberg reviewed POTF Shooting Range5 star

June 17, 2017 ·

Just finished taking a class where we shot from 100 to 700 yards. Fun was had by all. Gene Jankowski was a great instructor, and much thanks goes to Joe, who is the man with the plan! I will definitely be back, more accurate than ever.


ED Pastorek recommends POTF Shooting Range.

December 9, 2018 ·

Wonder range. I recommend you treat this place with the utmost respect. If you don’t joe will toss you out ....


Joe Valone It's all about Safety ;) One mistake would ruin it for everyone! This is a Serious place for Serious Shooters!



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