About Pheasants On The Flats

Pheasants On The Flats Is A Sportsman's Dream And Comprises Over 300 Acres Of Prime, Natural Habitat. We Have The Small Grain Fields, Marshes And Hedgerows Of Yesteryear — The Hawthorn Thickets Of The Northeast And The High Orchard Grass Fields Of The Mid West. We Have It All From Mild To Wild!

Quality Outdoor Experiences

Each Of Us In Our Lives Has Moments We Can Recall Or Relive At Will. Close Your Eyes And Perhaps Watch Your Son Reel In His First Fish. Maybe That Special Moment That A Brother Or Parent Took That Prize Or Trophy, Or How About The Day You Doubled Up On Cock Pheasants. That Flock Of Mallards Landing In The Decoys On A Cold Misty Morning Or That Special Retrieve Your Best Friend Made On A Wing Tipped Bird.

Close Your Eyes And Like A Video Recording Experience That Joy And Triumph Of The Moment Again And Again!!

Creating Those Moments For Others Is What Pheasants On The Flats Is All About; We Feel With All Our Heart It Is The Finest Gift We Can Give Back To The Sport We Love So Much. Here We Have Attempted To Create An Ensemble Of Outdoor Experiences To Suit Every Appetite And Budget.

From An Easy Day Afield Training That Special Pup To A Complete Assisted Hunt With Our Dogs & Handler Ending With Fine Talk Around The Table.

Let Pheasants On The Flats Be The Host To Your Next Unforgettable Outdoor Experience!

Our Mission

Is to Provide what we deem a "Quality Outdoor Experience"

It is our goal to provide each sportsman that graces our grounds with an unforgettable experience and day afield that will be remembered for the rest of their life.

We/believe true meaning of hunting is one that emphasizes Tradition, Camaraderie and most of all Friendship.

We offer a morning, afternoon or day afield where old friends and new, fathers and sons, or just a Hunter and his dog can relax and pursue one of Gods greatest gifts the way it was meant to be.

It is our goal to tailor your day with us to achieve that dream hunt you have been waiting for.

Our Belief

In Today's world it seems as everyone is in such a hurry to some how get at the forefront

Work, Family, and Sporting events have almost all taken on a sort of competitive atmosphere.

Deer now have scores, Our children all play Football Soccer or Hockey, Fishing has gone to Tournaments and so on.

As we all know and witness in almost every sporting event, that Competition many times comes at a Cost We personally feel there is absolutely no room for competition nor conflict in the great Tradition of hunting.

We came from a time when we put our friends in our best deer spot. We handed the rod with the big fish to our buddy in the boat When our Pal beat us to the draw, on a bird we said, "Damn nice Shot"

We share our hard earned knowledge with everyone that Loves the sport and We are proud to do so. This is what I makes memories. This is what build Friendships This is what WE DO!

At Pheasants On The Flats Hospitality is number #1.
You will be greeted as a Sportsman and Leave as a Friend

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