The POTF SHOOTING RANGE is our answer to what a shooting range should be! It is what we have dubbed a Discrete Shooting Range! Where a serious hunter/shooter can come and peaceably work with his or her firearm to attain the greatest accuracy or proficiency.

POTF is actually 2 separate Shooting Ranges a 400 & a 700 yard range.

The 400 yard range is 100 to 400 yards, has a Shooting House with 2 benches and an outdoor bench. This we refer to as our Beginning or Intermediate Range and is open to everyone while our 700 yard range requires Documented Previous Long Range Experience or Demonstrated MOA accuracy at 400 yards!

On the 400 yard range there are Berms with Plywood for paper targets at 100, 200 & 400 yards! We use a portable stand to hold paper targets at ranges in between. There is Also Double Metal Spinning Targets at 200, 300 & 400 yards, these are 11” inverted squares with a MOA Paddle target next to it! We also have a full metal coyote target with moving vitals that can be set at various ranges.

The 700 yard range is our more advanced range! Berm with plywood at 100 yards for checking zero than a large 20’ x 12’ berm at the 700 mark. There are various size silhouette steel targets every 50 yards from 200 to 700 yards – 500, 600 & 700 also have the Double Metal Spinning Targets!

The firing line consists of several barricade variations to offer an array of different and challenging shot opportunities – There is a Concrete Bench for Dead Still Shooting a heated shooting house, our PRS Barricade that incorporates several positions such as simulated Roof Top, Porthole and Rope Swing shots! Then there is a Tank Barricade, and a elevated prone bench!  In the making for 2019 is what we call the “Somali Pirate Shot” a boat hanging on springs should challenge the most skilled of shooters J

We book only 1 person, or group of 2 on the Firing Range at any one time. Groups of 3 or 4 are fine, but only 2 people beyond the firing line (a shooter & a spotter or instructor “No Guns Banging next to you throwing off your shot – No Static atmosphere restricting or infringing how or when you want to fire or check your targets… “Our Goal is to have this as close to having your own private shooting range as possible”







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Created July 29th 2010